DIERVILLA Irish Setters & Dachshunds

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On 14 January 2015 we had 5 puppies born -3 boys and 2 girls from:


Sire: Magik Rainbow Asteriks (Sasha)

Dam: Up All Night Diervilla (Franka)


Puppies at the age of 12 weeks


Xpress Yourself Diervilla - bitch

XXS Diervilla - bitch


Xcuse Me Boss Diervilla - dog


X-Factor Diervilla - dog


Xero Topp Dog - dog (already has new home)




LITTER "V" 12.07.2013

Stargang Lewis Gneiss to Auchans x Sebasso's Nebida


LITTER "U" 07.09.2012

Alpheratz Don Rodrigo x Kapodach Izzy Miyaki


LITTER "T" 30.06.2012

Alpheratz Don Rodrigo x Panienka z Okienka Brzdąc



LITTER "S" 26.03.2012

Alpheratz Don Rodrigo x Real Alpheratz Ready Money Del Gotha






LITTER"R" 03.01.2011

Alpheratz DonRodrigo x Panienka z Okienka Brzdąc





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